(CLOSED) Notification icon in Connection Explorer

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(CLOSED) Notification icon in Connection Explorer

Post by Raz0r » Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:03 am

OS: XP x86, W7 x86, W7 x64
Version: 2.7.48 and every version I've used before (I know, horribly outdated but I don't see anything mentioning these issues in the changelog)
EDIT: Just updated, both issues still present. (version 2.7.118)

I think the only thing that bothers me about this client, is when you set up 'Keywords' to alert you when someone types your nick, the channel icon in the Connections Explorer will continue to flash until you manually click on it.
I like to ctrl-tab between my windows, and even when I ctrl-tab to the channel in question, the icon will continue to flash until I click it.
Here is a picture of what I mean. (Heh, blurring is a habit..)
I also just realised that with the 'Column' view, when someone highlights you, the grey column you see there turns black =[ (Ideally I'd like it to stay grey)

Another thing that bothers me, is ctrl-tab'ing acts with MRU (Most recently used) behaviour as opposed to the actual vertical order.
Could you add an option to turn off MRU behaviour?

Apart from that, great client =]
Been using it for upwards of a year now after trying out ~15 <_>
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Re: Notification icon in Connection Explorer

Post by leigh » Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:55 pm

Thanks for your post.

Having to manually click on the flashing alert is deliberate to ensure that you do not miss the event, if I was to dismiss on view activation you might miss the alert.

To prevent the grey column going black on highlight edit the highlight entry, click "Text Effects..." and uncheck "Enable" in the "Background colour" control group.

The ctrl-tab behaviour is standard MDI behaviour which I don't want to change.

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