(CLOSED) Flash Alert on Private Messages (and a few other...

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(CLOSED) Flash Alert on Private Messages (and a few other...

Post by Exuno » Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:48 am

There seems to be no option for making only private message windows flash. The sound and popup notifications are nice, but can be easily missed if you are away from the computer while the message was received. I think the ideal way add this would be to add a "flash window" notification, like sound and notice and popup, but simply adding an "apply only to PM windows" under "Window and Tab Flashing" would work too.

And, while I'm posting, I guess I have no reason not to comment on my other concerns this time. Highlighting seems to be broken. As soon as I release the mouse button the highlighting disappears. I used to be able to defocus the text input box and then it would work properly, but as of a few versions ago (when I updated for the spoiler text, in fact), the input box is always focused as long as the window is.

Secondly, I would like it if logs were split by day, instead of by size. I find it makes it much easier to track things down. I also miss having stuff like hostmasks on join, and seconds on the timestamps, and any other information that you may have disabled to view but still technically exists, but that's really a minor issue.

Do you prefer having separate suggestions/complaints/etc in different topics or is bunching them all up like this fine?
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Re: Flash Alert on Private Messages (and a few other things)

Post by leigh » Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:14 pm

You can already make only private message windows flash by turning off flashing for other windows (right-click on tab).

It is correct that selecting text no longer set focus to the channel text control. When you release the mouse button the selected text is automatically copied to the clipboard and the selection disappears.

I do not plan on changing the log functionality at this time. Full timestamps and hostmasks will be displayed in the log if also displayed in the window (use options to configure).

I prefer having a separate topic for each issue, if I was being more formal I would reject combo-requests.

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