Project Information

The ClicksAndWhistles project began on 24th November 2007 with v1.0 of the client being released on 14th February 2008.

ClicksAndWhistles is written in C++ (Microsoft Visual Studio 2008) and currently uses the following libraries:

  • C++ Standard Library (also known as STL) including TR1

  • MFC

  • Win32 SDK, GDI+

  • zlib (1.2.3)

  • OpenSSL (0.9.8k)

  • NoFussXML

ClicksAndWhistles 3.0

ClicksAndWhistles is currently being rewritten from scratch and will use a brand new cross-platform C++ application framework and GUI library called neogfx for which ClicksAndWhistles 3.0 will be its first free and open source technology demo.

No further development on ClicksAndWhistles 2.x is being undertaken so no outstanding feature requests or non-critical bug fixes can be implemented/resolved for 2.x.

Source Code

ClicksAndWhistles 2.x is closed source however the source code to ClicksAndWhistles 3.x will be available on GitHub upon release.    

ClicksAndWhistles (v2.7.30) consists of approximately 84,000 lines of code (including whitespace/comments, excluding third party libraries).

Have an idea or suggestion to make ClicksAndWhistles better?

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